Cynicism, not so bad as one might think?

20150717_200107.jpgHello Dear Readers

Not so bad I hear you say

Yes I really do mean Cynicism isn’t a bad thing to have. Cynicism is regularly seen by many as un-cool and something that increases with age  (according to a newspaper’s website). I’m here to prove that none of these myths are wholly true.

Sure Cynicism can have a “negative slant” on it but it does not have to by default. In my personal view Cynicism is closely connected with “being streetwise” and discernment. I certainly think levels of healthy Cynicism grow in people who have good discernment and have an “air of streetwise about them”.

One way of looking at Cynicism is to look at what has been said one party be they your friend or a politician. What has not been said might be telling and may tell a story of its own. This is where the Cynic will have some level of an advantage. The Cynic skill of “reading between the lines” can be a good skill to hold.

Another positive I see is the fact that the Cynic is not automatically trusting of every person in every situation. They are more likely to listen to their instincts.

I admire the power in those who hold the ability to see things as they really are rather than gloss over the not so great parts. While I also admire positivity I do think trying to pretend a situation is good when it’s entirely not (a false positivity of sorts) is in reality counterproductive. It really does help to realistically know what problems you are up against to then try to figure out a way of resolving them.

Cynicism however is not for everyone. Some people will see it as either a bad thing or “not them”, and there is a level of truth to the fact that it’s not for everyone. I think the world would be a different place had we not have had any form of cynicism and it likely wouldn’t be for the betterment.

I think that Cynicism has to be “mixed” with other feelings and states of being to be effective in its truest forms and to prevent it becoming a “negativity fest” ultimately turning the person to a state of negativity. This point also goes far to dispell the myth that Cynicism and Grumpiness are interchangeable. Cynicism can spiral into Grumpiness but it doesn’t have to be like that. In a balanced mind some level of cynicism can only be a good thing.

To be cynical is like not always choosing a movie with a happy ending. While we all love a happy ending the real world isn’t always like that. That’s where our cynic comes in. In real life there are neutral endings and sadder endings, and while neither give us the feel good charm that a happy ending would they still form part of real life

So being a “positive cynic” is the key to having a good set of positive values while listening to your intuition and “knowing when something really is too good to be true”.

And whats wrong with that?

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable


2 thoughts on “Cynicism, not so bad as one might think?

  1. Every one’s a cynic.It’s knowing how to deal with your reason for being cynical with someone or thing that counts.the good one’s leave the person on an up and having a new friend the beginners leave confusion and doubt.


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