Realising we live in an imperfect world while being positive in it

20150904_151610Hello Dear Readers

That’s the subject I’m looking to touch on today. The understanding that our world is easily less than perfect but that should not stop us having a positive outlook.

This topic will focus on everyone and it will also form a critique of some of the tactics used within alternative research. I stated I didn’t wish to write about alternative research subjects due to the negativity that’s often used so maybe this critique of some of their methods will help offer some new ways of putting information out there.

So seeing that the world we live in is far from ideal while maintaining positivity (for the most part) certainly isn’t easy. I believe its one of the optimal ways of seeing things though. Apart from having a “realist” mindset another way that I’ve used and have been told works well is to turn the less then perfect elements on their head with humour.

So why do I think some of the alternate (or conspiracy researchers) are presenting their information in a less than optimal way?

The answer is a one word answer, and that word is fear.

From one perspective fear isn’t necessarily bad if it makes us do something positive, but too much fear can overload most people and they won’t listen to you even if your facts are 100 percent correct (even if not commonly known about)

One radio presenter (of this genre) effectively said how presentation is key and (in his eyes) very few women would visit a site that was full of dark imagery and very few men would visit a website with pink imagery. While I am not so sure I quite agree with the way he put his point, I can still see what he’s saying to be more or less true when you adapt the point to a website/radio station that’s efectively putting information out in a fearful manner.

I know of someone who has a radio station and website in the U.S.A focussing on these subjects. The presentation style used on the radio station is at times “a full on fear fest” or what Americans appear to call a “Shock Jock”. I had to laugh when I thought of “full on fear fest” but that’s the idea of turning it on its head and even “Shock Jock” has a comical ring to it.

I’d like to also point out that there is a website focussing on positive news only. It was created to counteract the mainstream news channels since it would appear like the Alternate media the mainstream media use fear also. I hope someone can take it further and crowd source funding for a radio station to genuinely providing something different out there for people.

So in conclusion

I believe that maintaing the knowledge that being positive in a less then perfect world will give you a clear advantage in most (or even all) areas of life. Use the ability to turn things on thier head with humour when needed. Take a walk, see a freind or play a light hearted game like Pokémon Go in moderation.

My advice to those within the alternative research movement (or those who willingfully wish to take it) is to understand the psychology of the majority of people. Most people don’t enjoy a presentation thats using a lof of fear to get the message across.

*While I understand the alternate research sphere investigates some “darker” subjects I would suggest that the presenter/writer not use extra fear and hype to push the story. Also I’m not using this article to suggest anyone enter into a state of “denial”.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

*paragraph included 11/07/16

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