Why I prefer to write from the heart

20160416_155700Hello Dear Readers

As many of you have probably noticed I take a strong preference to writing with intuition and heart space instead of “embarking on fact-finding missions”. Today I thought I’d share why (for the most part) it’s the preferred writing style of not only myself but plenty of other writers.

The first point that comes to mind is its my way of “finding my authenticity” and I feel it can bring more personality to a piece. It can be a great way to include previous stories and emotions relating to the stories you use as examples.

Its one of those ways to allow ideas to flow and feel at whole with the process, It can also open one up to being vulnerable at times. This can enhance authenticity and a sense of connectedness with your audience

While I’m not out to knock fact-finding I find the prospect of writing in the context of a “fact-finding mission” to be entirely daunting and a complex affair. The main problem I find is these days you can never entirely be sure what’s true with 100 percent certainty. I do partake in minor fact finding when it complements an article but I’m keen to leave the detailed and complex stuff to other people. I find I flow better when I worry less about facts and more about what I intrinsically feel.

Its one way to help lightheartedness thrive and keep negativity low. The heart does not rush to judgement in a similar way to the head. An example is if someone visited the same place for many days at a time the head would tire but the heart would find beauty in ways the head could not (most of the time). The heart also finds ways to get to the point without all the judgement and finger-pointing the fact-finding path would often use. The heart can uncover a story within a story also which can take a different path to the original story. This can also be known as “reading between the lines”
I love that all these articles are birthed by my own heart space and intuition and without that I doubt that any of these would exist at all, It’s as much of a spiritual practise as it is a non spiritual practise.

I truly believe that the heart is the stronger organ then the head when it comes to knowledge. I’ve heard the phrase “the head thinks, but the heart knows” (author unknown) and the phrase “when the head and the heart are at odds, go with the heart (author unknown) also holds true.

At the center of it this sort of writing is at the heart of my creative power

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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