Why I still adore Pokémon – even now


Hello dear readers


Yes, that’s me all right. Even at 27 years old I’m still a Pokéfan. What with the new kid on the block that is Pokémon Go, this gave me a free pass to watch the series without being labelled a geek or what have you. If truth be told I never needed one but I’ll use it anyway.

Heres why I love the Pokémon series (cartoon) and why age doesn’t scare me off and unlikely will .

You can discover or re-discover life lessons in a graceful and non-threatening way. Examples of these are to be bad might be cool in the moment, but it rarely succeeds (Team Rocket). Even though our outsides may change, we are still the same on the inside (Caterpie evolving to Metapod and Butterfree).

While the messages can be fairly basic, sometimes that’s all that’s needed to remind you of such lessons in the moment. Simplicity at its finest!

If you are a feminine soul (spiritually) Pokémon can be yet another way to re-connect with you inner feminine soul and re-sensitise. This can be important from the perspective of the fact many of us function in a very masculine go-getting dog-eat-dog working world and its nicer to have something a bit more “gentle” in nature to settle down to.

The series has many lovely stories that come from a (mostly) gentle and light-hearted perspective.

Some of the Pokémon are off the scale cute. Theres a reason Pikachu is the mascot of the franchise, he’s unbelievably cute. However it doesn’t end there. Over the now 7 generations there have been many a cute looking pokémon.

It re-affirms the various ways humans (and animals) form relationships. Even the battles can show us about the trainers and their bond and understanding of their pokémon but thier respect of the other trainer and thier pokémon as an opponent. The show in general provides endless opportunities to witness bonding between trainer and pokémon and the humans themselves

I think this is great for those who “struggle socially” (for varying reasons) to be able to witness the “mechanics or inner workings of bonding” which could be of help to someone who does not readily understand the unwritten or unspoken social nuances.

The music scores are often gentle and great to listen to. If you fancy some easy listening after an episode or two the varying music of the series and the movies is great to accompany the series and movies. Check out “Together Forever” and “Viridian City” amongst many others.

If you grew up with pokémon, it’s an instant escape where no worries about bills, jobs and varying other adult necessities. An adult energy free world in effect. While I’m far from saying adult responsibilities are bad or un-necessary its nice to remain light-hearted and (somewhat)youthful at our core. If you care to relive your childhood from time to time then its one way it could be for you.

If you like games then it’s interconnected with the long list of pokémon games out there. It started out with Red and Blue on the GameBoy and later came the Trading Card Game which still has collectors today and the likes of Pokémon Go (mobile) and Pokémon Sun/Moon (To be released on the 3DS). If you like games the series and the games will be (somewhat) interwoven. It’s also possible to enjoy one without the other also.

If you like to see the underdog win, you’re in the right place. So Ash Ketchum, most certainly an underdog in many battles. He uses pokémon notably weaker than his opponents a lot of the time. In many cases he wins the battle. If you get a joyous feeling to see the underdog win then this is for you.

All in all, I’m a proud pokéfan

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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