Re-sensitising in the modern age for feminine souls

20150830_191637Hello Dear Readers

I’ll be touching on reclaiming your emotional core and inner sense of being (all of it) from the perspective of a feminine of center soul.

This article is a spin-off from Renee Wade’s article but I have some other perspectives to share. I do like Renee’s site but realise some of it may work for you and some of it may not. I’m a feminine lesbian and (as an example) do not need to worry about “attracting men” Not everything the site has to offer is universally a help to every feminine soul, but I’m sure a fair share will be.

The world has changed over the generations. Nowadays women work more than ever due to the 2nd wave feminist movement. While that’s applaudable and a huge step forward the world has changed in other ways not entirely for the best.

Most feminine souls likely have to suppress their ability to use thier emotions and I’d also suggest some level of ability to connect with our inner selves.

The modern workplace often works from a masculine spectrum energy. These days “productivity, fast paced, go-go-go” and others are common words with the modern workplace. In a few generations the working world has largely become obsessed to extraordinary degrees with productivity, fast paced environments and a general go, go, go atmosphere.

There’s nothing wrong with masculine energy and its no doubt part of the balance, but this “extreme challenge” and “big go-getter” stuff is masculine.

The problem is that you can depolarize if you learn how to behave in an energy that’s not natural to you. This goes for both masculine and feminine energies. If someone depolarizes too much they might feel like a “part of them is missing” and even though some parts of their life are going entirely great (such as bank balance) they will still feel as though something (deeper) is missing that should be there.

So how do you go about re-connecting to your inner goddess energy or re-sensitise, that’s the question. While it’s not always easy there are some methods for staying “grounded” in the feminine.

Creativity is one of the first ways to reconnect with your inner sense of feminine.

Re-connecting and reliving your emotions and making an effort to look at yourself from outside yourself and sympathise with yourself, also the ability to understand what someone else is feeling and understand thier emotions through thier eyes can be an amazing gift. Not everyone can do this so its a great skill to learn or re-acquire.
Trying to maintain a mostly lighthearted and humble persona will help with feeling connected.

Watching TV shows that has a big “emotional understanding” component to it can help keep those batteries charged. This is a large reason why I love Pokémon

Dressing in a well-kept and self proud manner will also help, this might mean fewer or even no “bed head days” but it will likely feel better in the long run.

If need be consider changing job and/or career. While its nice to earn a high salary and all the perks and people looking up to you, if where it is you are just is not bringing you a sense of happiness or fulfilment then it could be an idea for a change. Even a lower paid position could potentially bring more hapiness depending on what the job entails and if your willing to accept a lower salary for enhanced satisfaction.

To feel intimately closer to your true nature is the true elixir of life.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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