More booze? – No thanks.

20160423_182940Hello Dear Readers

So on Saturday 10 September 2016 I made the first inner pledge to give up alcohol, for good. Why would I wish to do this, and why would anyone seek to give up on a good tipple? Well my rationale for wishing to do this holds many potential points and here they are.

Some of the points may be useful to others who are thinking of giving up or are in the process of giving up and some may be not, however I think there will be at least a few points that will be useful for anyone contemplating giving up or in the process.

Here we go…

Sometimes one needs to move on. We all move on at differing times in our lives and we also feel the need to move on in differing times in our lives. At 27 years old I had largely been there, done that. When you’ve reached a point where there’s “no new moves” it can start to lose its draw and appeal.

To a large extent it’s not entirely relaxing. This point is not as perplexing as it first appears. Just think of the “mind fogginess” and the fact that you can still be tired often after 8 (or more hours of sleep) after a nights drinking. Not to mention the hangovers. From this sort of perspective I’d be hesitant to call it relaxing. Definitely one thing of being sick and tired of always being sick and tired of

For some a form of arrested development can occur. Arrested development means a case where someone has developed at a much slower rate than usual for that age group or peer group. While there are other  reasons for late progression in a person (including disabilities), alcohol can be a notable factor for some. Those who have no sense of direction or forward planning short of which locale to meet up at Friday night is what I’m talking about here.

There’s the Vanity argument. Alcohol can prematurely age a persons physical self when you drink week-in, week-out over the course of many years. If you are vain self proud about the skin you inhabit then quitting the “grog” isn’t such a bad idea. Holly from Hip Sobriety even has photos to prove it.

Needing something to enjoy yourself. At some point it becomes nice to enjoy yourself without needing some form of “chemical influence”. Alcohol is a huge industry and the marketing is so good that many almost “no longer know how to enjoy themselves without alcohol”. That’s sad from a point of view of genuine pity.

Getting confidence naturally. In the later years one of the key reasons I used alcohol was because I simply had no confidence to sing and dance while sober, I also love these artistic forms of expression (which is what they truly are). Many use alcohol to cover up other insecurities. In the long-term its more beneficial to seek to work on getting the confidence  naturally, it’s also healthier as well.

The health benefits. To give up alcohol will help keep bigger illnesses at bay. Alcohol can play a part in Cancer, Diabetes, and a few more to boot.

I’ll let you know how the journey goes.

A fun fact is I outgrew alcohol before I outgrew Pokémon. Interesting factoid there.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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