When is a good time not to care?

20160922_1156291One of the key tenets of this site has been ways in which to aim to lead an easier life. I’m not suggesting giving up all cares for key areas required for life to go smoothly, but give up or limit cares for things that will not help us or will help us very little. There are a few for all of us.

I will give examples to show you what I mean, these examples may relate to you or they may not.

Even if some of these do relate to you I’d suggest doing even further soul-searching as there will be some unique to you.

Gossip (the extreme variety) So I’m not talking about the odd new bit of must know news that’s just got round the office quicker then the next derby winner, but I am talking about that insidious form of gossip that ruins people’s lives in one way or another. I’ve been lucky to experience this a mere handful of times, but thats enough for me.

Biting ones tongue (for the ladies) At some point we have all been there. A recent one for me was when there was a bee or wasp passing by our table regularly in a country pub in mid summer. After it came too close to me for comfort at least twice I had to politely ask if something could be done, despite another member of the group gesturing for me not to. Sure I get it wasn’t their fault but this example is a great example of what I mean.

Small talk (the variety that’s leading nowhere) I understand the world is made in such a way where often times small talk is needed. I’m OK with it if it leads to something bigger but have no real sense of caring for anything that never passes mundane small talk. I am an introvert and its the way I roll to a large extent.

Work Stress This is one of the more relative ones but there are ways to cut the level of care you give to aspects of your work that do not interest you (even if its only in your mental chatter). Breathing exercises can be great for trying to keep stresses at bay during work. Mindfulness (internal brain chatter only) that a lot of managements problems are thier problems and not directly yours can help.

Over accumulation of money This is another relative one. Sure its nice to have money to pay the bills and live a reasonably decent lifestyle, however accumulation of money to the extremes could actually serve to limit happiness from the perspective of having to work harder or longer hours. Money sure does aid hapiness but only up to a certain point.

Alcohol Since I started my journey without the ethanol molecule I’ve learned to love life without not only booze itself but hangovers and that awful groggy “alcohol tiredness” feeling. Life is for living and with non alcoholic beers wines and cocktails (mocktails) why would I ever want the ethanol molecule again?

Football (and the rivalry that goes with it) I really have tired of “the beautiful game” and its rivalry even more so. In my eyes the games boring and I simply have not got either the energy nor the desire to care if Burnley beat West Ham. I thought I’d add this as in the British Isles football is quite a big thing and not to be into it is reasonably subversive. I prefer  racing as there’s no rivalry and its much more exciting to watch (for me)

Fitting in This is one of those things I never have done. I barely know what the concept means. I get why people feel the need to fit in but its one of those concepts that simply doesn’t appear on my radar.

I hope the examples I have given will aid you in soul-searching for things you really don’t need to care about, or care less about.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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