How to live a life as close as possible to la dolce vita without emigrating

20160723_1934181So as many of you know, I’m incredibly keen to aid you in living a more relaxed form of lifestyle where possible. I know that in todays stressful world it’s not always possible but there are some hint and tips I’m going to share that will help those looking for this lifestyle to gain as much of it in their home country without emigrating to Italy (or emigrating at all).

So since I’ve use la dolce vita (the good life) I’ll let you into where I think some of the Italians (and Mediterranean Europeans might be onto a good thing).

Make time for passions Sure a 21st century lifestyle brings it’s known trials and tribulations, many of which we can entirely get away from even if we wanted to. However where possible try to put some time aside to focus on what ever it is that makes you happy. Whether that includes seeing friends or playing basketball.

Try not to obsess over things that will not help you excel or will only help a little. There are many things in life we really should give our unwavering care and attention to, and some we might be best of not worrying about too much. I would say more but  I have already written about it here.

Il dolce far niente is italian for enjoy doing nothing or sweet idleness. This is where Italians might be onto a good thing. A simple half an hour doing nothing particular like sitting beside the seaside or staying a bit longer to enjoy something. The ability to bask and take in something is a true gift.

Learn to appreciate the beauty of things So you might have wondered what I was talking about with the previous suggestion. The ability to find beauty (both physical and poetic) in things is what is to be admired with the doing nothing time. Anything from an architectural gem of a building or museum, maybe some artwork you’ve been dying to see for a while or simple pleasures like watching birds feeding or a sunset. Moments like these are worth taking 10 minutes to half and hour to truly savour.

A modest level of house-proudness will help you have something to feel good about. I’m not talking about any extreme variety of house-proudness, your house need’s to be one you live in and not a museum. A decent level (but not overbearing) of house-proudness will certainly give you something to admire should you wish.

Say no to bed head days,  if possible. I am suggesting this one for a fair reason. You will feel better about yourself if you at least get dressed. I dare you to try it the next time you binge watch Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black. I’m sure you’ll prefer the results as to how you feel.

Dress well as much as humanly possible for improved confidence This is yet another I dare you to try, as I’m sure many of you will feel better and happier overall for. I’d also advise you to choose styles you know you will feel good in. Experiment with styles and colours that make you feel (new/enlivened/feminine/masculine/other) and go with a style you like as much as possible.

There are some people who make the “effort to look good even when buying a loaf of bread”, and I’d suggest these people are on to something.

Take up creative hobbies for pleasure Any type of creative hobby will play its role in helping you to relax and even meet new friends. If you like to dance, sing or paint or just about anything creative then be sure to see what options are available in your area.

Limit your Alcohol, if you drink. While I’m not suggesting going teetotal, unless that’s a choice you would like. I’m suggesting limiting to one or two drinks would be a plus should an easy and relaxed life be your thing. While not always true the Italians have a reputation for not drinking to excess. Not drinking to excess limits the severity of your hangover (if any) and any “alcohol tiredness”.

Turn off push notifications on your phone One way you can disconnect from constant phone checking and technology in general is to turn off push notifications and excess notifications in general. While I think technology is wonderful its nice to exist without the constant checking of phones, tablets etc.

Breathing exercises are fantastic for limiting stress when currently in a stressful situation in the here and now. Such exercises also work well when not in a stressful situation.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

One thought on “How to live a life as close as possible to la dolce vita without emigrating

  1. I think it is important to make an effort with your appearance. I know that when I don’t, especially when you have just had a baby, you can feel very depressed. It is good for your self esteem as well as drinking lots of water and eating healthily. But saying that, there’s nothing nicer than ‘ slobbing out’ when the weather is bad and watching a DVD with a large mug of hot chocolate!


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