Lets work smarter rather then harder

20150717_201308One way to move towards leading a gentler lifestyle is to aim to work smarter (in most cases) as opposed to harder. This is intended to help with both work tasks, household chores and more.

Here are a few ways in which you can aim to work smarter.

Try and get up early on all weekdays Even if taking a day off or unemployed at this time. It produces extra hours to get things done and ultimately to enjoy yourself.

Do the harder things earlier where possible To save something that’s been put off for long enough lingering over your head its better to get these things done earlier, so as to provide you with either more time to do easier tasks or free time depending on the scenario. This could be the accounts or the hovering, everyone is different.

Try to get dressed every day Even if all you have planned is watching box sets or movies and little else its nice to get dressed as a matter of self-pride. If something comes up that needs resolving you’re ready should you need to be which will eliminate stress.

Have an idea of whats high priority and whats lover down the scale This is a fantastic means of knowing where you’re at. If you need to why not create a simple paper list. Doing such give a mental reinforcement. (optional)

Know to quit when you are ahead Just achieved great and outstanding progress on (enter task here), great! From here on in the last thing to do is to plug away for another hour two hours. Count your blessings and know when to stop.

Keep an eye on what you’re wasting time on We all want to have fun, but there are things out there that can turn out to be neither fun, not productive. Social media in general is a big one but there could be more that is not relaxing, fun or productive. At times some television shows and movies can be included.

Read something new A lesser known way of being productive and enjoying yourself at the same time is to read. Both informational books and story books can be of benefit. Informational books will provide you with new information about life, the planet and many of the varying happenings here. Story books will expand ones linguistic understandings and emotional intelligence through relating to characters.

Measure results not time If you have a project you’re passionate about but can see its taking up a lot of time perhaps looking at the results of that time might give you enough motivation not only to carry on but look to the future of this project and offshoot projects.

Find a way of switching off Let no more work mean no more work. I remember a handful of times where I’ve been visiting friends that have invited me to “sit and relax” only to find them standing up and thinking of how to rearrange the garden etc. Not only do I naturally struggle to relax in this scenario but the scenario is great for illustrating that sooner or later we have to be able to shut off. For some its meditation, for some its chat with , whichever is your way its good to have one and to know when to use it.

Get good levels of sleep So you’re ready to take on the challenges of the next day without feeling tired. It’s nice to not feel tired (in cases where it’s easily preventable)

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable


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