Release stress by laughing at yourself

20161014_1026231Laughter, it’s a wonderful thing. However not everybody is willing to see the funny side when it comes to laughing at themselves (all in the right energy of course). There are a back catalog of benefits to embracing laughing at yourself.

It allows for looking within This life skill called looking inward is a fantastic life skill that’s rarely heard of in comparison to others. In effect laughing at yourself allows you self-imposed barriers come down. This can help you see yourself from someone else’s perspective allowing greater depth of knowledge about yourself. With this skill you stand to gain a greater understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and areas you might wish to change now that you see the other perspective.

Gives a healthy place to lose worry about out imperfection Each and every last one of us has imperfections and areas we are not born naturals in. The ability to laugh at oneself is a guilt free and fun way of accepting that we might not be good at mathematics but who really cares because languages are our forte ad infinitum.

A way of being open and warm Laughing at oneself in the right energy will help to exude warmth as laughter is attractive and will exude warmth and a welcoming energy. This one’s more of a general point but is still worth including.

Gives a place to laugh at past events Whether you feel the need to laugh of what you did at a past event or even laugh at the entire event itself (if it was ) laughing at yourself will allow a healthy release of regrets to do with past events.

Can downplay a dangerous situation Some situations are either dangerous or have an elevated level of danger. Laughter at oneself and the situation is key as it can relive any tension regarding the dangers that could possibly be faced. I keenly remember this sort of humour when I went up in a 4 seat light aircraft.

Erase awkwardness Sometimes you’re in a new situation and there’s that awkward pause where everyone feels that little bit uncomfortable with the situation. This sort of humour (amonghts other types of humour) might smooth over that sort of discomfort.

If public speaking use it to attract the audience Sure, you’re good at what you do. Laughing at yourself here and there is good if you won’t to space out mentioning accolades and previous achievements. It also serves to humanize you and keep the audience whether 20 or 200 interested as who enjoys a power point type presentation with no form of character.

Helps alleviate or lessen chips on the shoulder Everyone has at least one bone of contention no matter what it is. Very few of us wish to occupy that space for longer then we need to. Laughing at yourself helps to bring you out of that space. After all who sees the person that is after an argument over politics (or whatever) over the dinner table every Sunday as a role model.

Overall the ability to laugh at yourself will help with a more optimistic personality and will help you gain new insights.There are of course some occasions where this humour or any humour would be inappropriate but these are relatively few.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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