Why desire introspection?

20150801_173659.jpgFor many of us introspection or the process of looking inward is seen as either hard to do or scary. While it’s in most cases not entirely easy nor comfortable it’s a much-needed life skill I have attained a reasonable proficiency in, although I admit its one of those where even I’m still learning and  have a long way to go.

So why would I implore anyone looking for happiness and an understanding of themselves look into the idea of introspection and go on what will ultimately become a lifelong journey of introspection.

Helps us connect and emote with the concerns of others Through looking within and trying to understand yourself both through your eyes and how the world see’s you, you will come across perspectives you may have previously had no understanding of.

To gain insight into our own distress (ess) Were all human and we all have things in life that cause varying degrees of distress. It’s just we don’t actually know what’s causing the so-called distress. I for example have had an identity crisis twice in my lifetime and while I do not deny they messed with my head in the moment I’m ultimately grateful for them as I understand my sense of self in key areas which were always there but “hidden off to an extent” by a number of factors.

To put down the distractions to aim for something better Before you can be introspective at all you will need to identify and limit distractions. These distractions typically are used to numb stress. While I can understand how someone might want to do this the problem will be that the unsolved problem and source of discomfort could persist for years and even a lifetime if not remedied.

An example being someone who leaves a job they hate and can’t wait to get home and drink wine not long after arriving home. A healthier idea would be to admit they hate their current job and need to find something different.

After a while you could notice negative patterns Introspection can be of major benefit to knowing when you are doing something the same way or very close to the same way when something went wrong back then.

Maybe you treated your partner a certain way and they left you, if you can see the signs before doing this again your most recent partner may be with you longer, or even for life.

Face fears I and many others have had times where I’ve had either a fear of a strong discomfort I truly needed to face up to at some point. Introspection (usually) coupled with pressure to do something makes you wake up to the extent of such fears and discomforts and give you a chance of lowering them.

Ultimately do this for greater happiness and satisfaction
 Yes there are times when it will be uncomfortable and sometimes entirely so, but the gift will be a greater sense of self understanding and happiness in the end. Discomfort is not a bad thing and exists within nature. A lobster outgrows its shell when it feels discomfort. Without the feeling of discomfort it would not outgrow its inflexible shell in order to create the new one.

Ultimately lobsters do this several times across their lifespan up until the point as to which they no longer need to grow in size.

Introspection is a lifelong journey that’s well worth taking as why would anyone truly want to be condemned to suffer without knowing the extent of their problem.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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