Legitimate reasons not to enjoy Christmas

20151214_1759040On the whole I’m not too mad for Christmas. I am part of the silent but existent minority. I am not here to promote a killjoy attitude but am here to provide awareness as to why someone may have legitimate reasons as to why they might not entirely enjoy the celebration.

So here are the reasons why someone in your life just ain’t feelin’ the vibe

Falseness Ok so some of what goes on during these celebrations is false and “put on”. Typical things could fall into this category are wooly jumpers and some of the more cheesy songs. Which is fine if that’s what you’re cool with. Some of us aren’t so into false charades. I’m not saying falseness is “wrong” but I am saying it’s not for everyone.

Grown out of it Some of us leave childhood and the teenage years and leave our passion for all things X-mas along with it. For some of us the magic just never really comes back once you “no longer believe in Santa”.

The way it never ends Or at least it can feel that way. I am told of a time when outside of the month of December the celebration was almost never mentioned and it was even considered bad luck to put up decorations early. For some of us the sheer bombardment can be nauseating.

It feels far too commercial Back in the day it was about sharing time with those you cared about, and even some goodwill. These days while those qualities can still be found the scene has changed to which it has sadly become about who is buying what, for who? I’ve seen people spend silly amounts of money, sometimes money they don’t even have over Christmas. The worst one is how this mentality has made people over interested in gifts. Every time someone asks me “what did you get for Christmas” a small part of my soul dies inside.

Might be of no or differing religion There are people who are not Christians or Catholics who have no reason to celebrate it. Also many atheists and agnostics may have no particular drive to “jump onboard” with such festivities any time soon.

Dislike that the day must be “perfect” Ok so this one largely depends on who you are sharing Christmas with. Some can feel an overwhelming sense of pressure for “everything to go right” and for the day to run impeccably perfect. Such stress can hurt these people’s chances of having an otherwise potentially enjoyable day.

May have family or personal issues Not everyone has a loving family or even a group of friends to share christmas with*. Some people have personal issues that Christmas can bring to the forefront. These people are likely to have a nuanced relationship with the celebration

*not everyone want’s to celebrate it with someone else

Charity and goodwill should happen all year round So while I can at least appreciate intention of “goodwill to all” and acts of charity I do believe the  whole year is a fantastic time to share one’s goodwill and charitable acts.

It’s not all bad though. I don’t mind someone saying Merry Christmas to me if it’s a genuine act. I can appreciate Christmas is their thing and return the comment. I also can appreciate well organised decorations from the perspective of the fact that someones taken the time to “make the area look nice”.

So we non Christmas lovers can enjoy the day and elements of the celebrations, but if you must go overboard please don’t drag us in with you.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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