To enjoy the future it’s good to get out the past

20150716_170313Nostalgia and nostalgic moments, Wonderful aren’t they? While many of life’s pieces of nostalgia are refreshing to go back to from time to time, if taken to the extreme they could be holding back areas of future progression and you might not have even realised it.

So let’s get into the varying ways an over-extreme love of the old could be holding you back.

Without the ability to connect the past to the present You will constantly be comparing any new experience against times of old. The nostalgic memory will likely be held up as the gold standard of how things were and should be while any new experiences may fail to measure up.

To understand it can impede us enjoying or finding new tastes So you’re a great fan of the Rolling Stones, fantastic. However you might find there’s a whole world of music that’s passing you by constantly if your forever passing up on most other groups of the same genre just to listen to “shine on you crazy diamond” on repeat.

You can stick out to others as being stuck in the past You might not see it but others likely can.

It can hurt you in the perspective of lost time Time cannot be clawed back, no matter how much we might like a 2nd go. By the time realising that re-watching 10 seasons of The Crystal Maze has taken up vast quantities of your time it’s likely going to be too late.

It can limit us creating new nostalgic moments So time spent over focused in nostalgia could be spent on creating new experiences which in due course will turn out to be nostalgic. However you’ll need to “put down the nostalgia to create the nostalgia”. Interesting but true.

Try and discover new content from a group you already like So this one is sort of easy and you don’t have to search for new content. For example I love Pokémon and I’ve got back into it since the days of Kanto (series 1) and the original games. I now have played Pokémon go and Pokémon Sun. All in all its the same Pokémon magic but with extra and updated content that didn’t exist before. This can be used for TV shows, Music groups, Hobbies and clothing brands.

Work on fear of the future For varying reasons some of us may have a fear (or anxiety)of the future. While there is nothing wrong with this it could be holding you back from progressing in life and enjoying new things and concepts.

Overall I think that nostalgia is a great tool for seeing where we have “come from” both individually and societally and if used in the right way serves to teach us something, but getting stuck in it could act as a metaphorical spiders web.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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