Is temping for you?

20160312_174655Is temping for you? Temping is a slang term for working in a position sourced by a recruitment agency. Many of the vacancies are short to mid-term and agencies are used instead of the recruiters in-house recruitment team.

It’s something that’s both loved and not so loved by many people for many reasons.

To help you decide whether it’s for you these are some pro’s and cons


Getting to try out differing surroundings Whether it’s the same job with a different company, differing company culture or differing job type all together it’s a fantastic way of seeing what’s out there. If you are unsure what it is you seek out of employment it could be a great means of experimenting.

Better than having no job The act of having a job will give you meaning and purpose. It has and will have an enhancing effect on the mental health of someone.

Provides CV material For those keen to advance up the career ladder but need experience, a handful of temp placements will somewhat enhance the chances of getting a steady job at a later point in time.

Temp to perm effect While not extremely common but not uncommon agency employees can be offered a permanent position with the company they’ve been temping with. Depending on if this company is for you, this could be an open door you don’t want to pass up.

Flexibility Some of us only need to work periodically and others have pet projects they like to devote time to. Agency working is an ideal solution for people in these situations.


Abrupt endings are possible There a number of factors that could spell an end to your time on the posting your on. One is a sudden drop of business (or sales), reorganisation, cost-cutting ventures and a change of management preference. The reality is that the temp position you’re in and quite like could go south overnight.

Some really bad agencies and tactics Some agencies use some tactics that are not exactly “all squeaky clean”. Some of the unfair practises can be to advertise a non exist job to boost people on the list of people on the books. I’ve also heard of one agency who sent someone out to a day placement only to arrive and find out they were not needed. I’d like to point out these practises are unlikely to be widespread and sadly these practises can give the agencies a black eye unfairly, but these practises can exist.

Some agencies don’t have the backlog of work If you work for an agency that always has new postings throughout the month and year. In some locales and sectors this truly isn’t the case, and you could be back “looking for work for quite some time”.

May have reduced job search time Since many agency postings are not high status postings you may find yourself having diminished time to job search and send out detailed applications that would be required for higher level postings. At a later point in one’s career when they have gained basic experience a decision might need to be made by the candidate.

While it’s not for everyone I’d suggest everyone take the time to consider it.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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