Alternative Indoor Activities – Board Gaming

Ever wanted a bit more out of life than watching endless amounts of T.V or being glued to Facebook. For those looking to spice up their leisure time with something a little different perhaps board gaming might be a fair alternative.

Practicality If you’re the sort who prepares to “do” even during your free time than board gaming has to be a fair contender. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a mild or hot climate all year round but its a fantastic option for when the weather is bad.

Meet new people Going to board games meetings as a brilliant way of meeting new people. Many new people turn up to these events periodically and there is always two or three regulars on hand to explain the rules of the games being played.

Get to try many new games and concepts I have so far attended only three meetups but the diversity of games played is something I wouldn’t have imagined. Concepts as simple as card games where you have to play cooperatively to place all the colours in number order to complete board games themed on time travel and competitive play, It does not take too long for you to get exposed to a number of concepts. Three of my favorites are

Dead Men Tell no Tales which is a co-operative game where you are required to take treasures off a burning pirate ship while fighting fires and eliminating deck hands

String Railway, Where you have to grow your railway empire using coloured string and cards. Points are gained and lost over a number of factor of what’s on the card and how the string “tracks” are laid. Competitive play

Forbidden Island, A co-operative play game where the team is required to stop areas of an island sinking before players can attain enough cards to get a treasure. When all treasures are collected all need to be on the helicopter space to leave and win. If the helicopter space is fully submerged (lost) or both the habitats for collecting a treasure then the players lose.

The level of fresh and highly creative ideas is amazing and I’m sure there’s a perfect game out there for everyone. I have barely even started out and I’m sure to see more

Fantastic option for introverts As someone with aspbergers and an introverted personality type* I will always look out for those who struggle socially (for whatever reason) Since there is already and activity present the levels of small talk will be lesser than other settings.

*these are not the same thing

Make friends in the long-term If you are looking for friendships as some of your previous friends have moved out of the area of simply want to have some friends who share in some of your interests it may be possible once you’ve become a regular. By then it’s possible that you’ve bought a copy of your favorite game and the invites might also start coming in at this point for you to get invites to come to theirs to play.

A way to get out even when it’s too cold for the beach Sure it’s far too cold for a picnic in the park or a paddle in the sea, but you can still enjoy all the delights of mother nature while heading to the meetup.

A blast of the past in an unexpected way Many of us played board (and card) games as a child with the family and friends we had at the time. Many of us go through a period of not playing. In due time we find out that many adults enjoy playing board games and not only that but there’s a meetup this week! Sure, the games played are an entirely different animal to the cluedo of days past but the warm feeling of “being round the table” to enjoy a game comes back.

Unplugging Some of us have reasons as to why we would like to limit screen time. If you work in an office for example or have multiple children it might be nice to “get away from all screens” and enjoy something that doesn’t involve them.

For me its only getting started, let the games commence!

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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