A grand community spirit against terroism

In the later hours of Monday the 22nd of May the Manchester Arena was the latest in a long list of terror attacks that have become noticeably more commonplace since 9/11. For many the fact that this was at a time when many children and teenagers were in attendance makes the situation harder to accept. While I’m looking to propose way in which the communities can act to prevent this as best as possible I do not wish to take away from the many who lost a loved one or those who are injured as a result of Mondays incident, I wish those who are passed rest in peace and send my wishes to the families.

While I do not believe anyone should be subject to the atrocities of terrorist actions I do believe there are ways where society at large could play a better role in preventing future incidents.

Politics and political figures Many countries have politicians, political figures who fan the flames of divisionism. One that is the most obvious example at the moment is America’s Donald Trump. He has said things that has likely alienated Mexicans and Muslims in and amongst other groups. Some political figures equate “tough talking” with divisionism and this can incite those who might be unstable and slip into the terrorist mindset.

Extreme Far Right groups There are a lot of far right groups out there who openly act divisively while trying to claim they do not. Key examples are Britain First, the English Defence League and the Ku Klux Klan which is still active in the States and never ceased to exist. These groups have been known to storm into restaurants and Mosques and some countries still have groups that promote “racial purity”.

The wars Anyone concerned with terrorism and stopping it becoming commonplace should be campaigning to stop the military conflicts in the Middle East. Many who are nothing to do with terrorism can wake up to find their accommodation blown up or their family members dead after an air raid has occurred overnight. This anger can create new terrorists. The military conflicts therefore must preferably cease.

Report anyone you know who has ideations of committing terrorist acts. Dont think it’s nothing. It may sound like nothing at the time but what might have sounded “slightly strange, but nothing to worry about” might actually be the first steps to committing an act. If you have even the slightest suspicion then get in contact with your local police of security service.

Get (enter nationality here) or get out Something that deserves a mention is the notion of forcing those who are not from the culture of your nation to assimilate or effectively feel unwelcome. This concept crosses borders but can easily create divisionism. A similar saying is you are in our country, speak our language. Both of these phrases seek to divide unnecessarily.

We are all human and while we all have and should celebrate our differences, divisionist policies can hurt us and the fabric of society itself if allowed to flourish unchecked. The way to take a stand against terrorism is to act united with your fellow citizens to stamp out divisionism and create a true unity.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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