Jurnalul de Samantha

The title of this article is “The Diary of Samantha” in Romanian. If you are either learning or maintaining language proficiency than keeping a diary is a great way of producing the language and finding out new concepts and words that may be uncommon. In addition you will get ample opportunity to use the simple past tense and the imperfect tense depending on the entry.

How to do it

Depending on both your proficiency in understanding the past tense and vocabulary around what happened in your day in many cases it will involve a mixture of using your own abilities to think up sentences and using translation tools. Be aware that a certain level of knowledge of the fact that internet translators are flawed can come in handy. If using these write each sentence one by one and try different ways of saying the same thing if you need to.

Why do it

You will get to review your memories to a detail where you can go back and mentally re-live the past in all its glory. This would include failures, successes, happy times and everything in between. The act of maintaining a diary in you target language not only helps with initial learning but also is great for those who have passed the learner phase but need to keep the language active. This method forces you to write and (preferably) think in the language of your choice and in order to relive your past you will be forced to read it. This provides a means where you have to “use it” in order to keep it active and useable in your brain. As I have never kept a diary before it has been a welcome addition to have a diary written in 100% Romanian. I have in very as short time got acquainted with the simple past tense such as

Am văzut (I have seen)

Ai întrebat pentru mine (you asked for me) (inf)

How to improve your diary keeping

When you feel as though you’ve covered all the basics with regards to the past tense and the imperfect then adding sentences about what you would do better next time into your diary will open up a new sphere in the language and also serve as mental reminders as to how to improve and learn from the events of life itself. Don’t forget to add what you thought you did well, of course.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

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