The many joys of Walking


It has many benefits and joys waiting for us.

Some are health benefits which are the most obvious but I’ll also be including those that are great for the mind and soul as well.

Great for thinking Got a creative project that you need to develop ideas for? Walking provides the space for brain activity. It’s also fantastic for thinking of ways to resolve problems. It does not always work in this manner all the time but it can be a great way of thinking things out. Consider taking a supportive friend with you should you need to.

I have thought of many of my ideas for my articles (including sub-points) while in this state.

One way to discover new places Sure cars and public transport are great but not everywhere has roads nor is there public transport links everywhere. Walking can provide a means of viewing different places that are off the beaten track.

Bonus points for the fact you’ll see more on the way, with walking you have the added bonus of being able to take it all in rather than seeing it flash by the car window.

If you like a peaceful existence then its a fantastic way to eliminate stresses out of life. Life throws much at us and walking can form a reprieve for those who would like a break. Walking can be akin to a “meditational state with the eyes open” depending on the locations visited, weather, views, wildlife and company you have with you.

I love the awe like state when I see new places, weather formations and varying other things that make me want to take photographs. Many of the photos for my articles are also taken on walks.

It’s another way of getting exercise Not that into the gym but want to exercise? Fed up with high fees to use the gym? Maybe walking is just the ticket. Not only is it one of the gentler forms of exercise out there perhaps second only to swimming but its free. It can provide toning effect to the legs, posterior and tummy. Many say its good for depression also.

Bored  of vegging out in front of the TV? Everyone needs a change of scene every so often. Walking is a means to getting that change of scene. It can provide means for splitting up any activity that needs a break or pause.

A way to put down Facebook and get out with nature With technology comes connectedness, and this is beneficial on many levels. However technology can take up a bigger space in our lives and is more than ever. Walking while not checking Facebook constantly can give us the separation from technology and screens in general

It’s a viable form of transport and can save you money So it depends on how far your going but if your journeys (including your commute) are small then walking is a fair option that will save you money.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable