Discover a new world with Books

I never used to read a lot but have slowly come round to enjoying reading books. In my 20’s as I constantly evaluate what happiness is and how to not only be but find peace and happiness I’ve later found  reading to be more pleasurable than I once used to.

I’m in no minority and here is why people like books both fictional and factual.

Pleasure of escaping reality No matter what our individual preferences are many of us need to escape reality in the modern world. Often times reality is hectic and areas of it or our individual realities can be un-appealing. Reading provides an ability to relax and enter a world that is not our own and at times one that differs from everyday life itself.

Intercultural requirements Those who are in the process of learning (or maintaining) another language might find reading international books a fantastic means of facilitating this process while acquiring or keeping in tune with some of the more cultured aspects. Members of the Diasporas of other nations will prefer to read in their own language to mentally re-enter the world of their home nation. As an international adoptee I prefer reading foreign material for a number of these reasons.

Quiet time For those who like some peace and quiet reading offers a space to “be in your own company” away from others needs for a while. Reading in a park on a summer’s day is a nice a peaceful way to zone out should your own company be what you need a bit of

Expanded Imagination Due to the fact that a book is more detailed than a movie the ability to imagine is heightened. With a film its visually obvious as to what the director intends for you to interpret. With a book a lot of the key details are open to your interpretation of the individual part of that story, in many cases two people will interpret two ever so slightly different scenarios.

An ability to disconnect In today’s world there are a lot of things that can be done at the touch of a button from internet shopping to share dealing. Lots of people are connecting to the internet for longer durations and doing more while connected such as social media to filling out tax returns. While all this connectivity brings us together in a lot of ways its nice to disconnect and take time away from the notifications. Reading feels a touch archaic compared to the newest spec technology, but I like that!

See other points of view In and amongst all the relaxing qualities reading also provides a means to see how others might (and do) see things. An understanding of other people’s insights will help to create a more rounded character.

Education and learning As much as reading is a nice way to relax and escape the world, books also provide a means of learning new concepts (and vocabulary) in a non obvious way. While some books are overtly informational there is still much wisdom and vocabulary to be gained from a novel in ways that don’t feel like learning “at the time”

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable


Not everyone desires all forms of technological advancement

Technology, it has made our modern world what it is today. From the days when we no longer needed the horse and cart to the earliest mobile phone, Technology has shaped our modern world to a point where it would be very hard to live without any form of technological enhancement. However as more advanced technological advancements come into the public sphere not everyone is keen to use all kinds, and surprisingly not only the older generations.

Banking In a day and age when banks are focussing more heavily on internet banking and even closing branches there is a bank that has succeeded in the opposite. Metro Bank in the USA and Southern England has been opening branches and focusses on a customer experience. They also have longer opening hours then most bank branches and free money counting machines offering prizes for children.

E-Readers It was once believed that these readers and E-Reader software for tablets and phones would overtake hard copy books. For a number of years this was believed and for some time there was some level of a trend. Now in 2017 the sales figures for physical books is on the rise and has surpassed the number of downloads of E-books.

Transport Over the course of course of the last few years there have been a handful of strikes in the U.K regarding removal of the guards on train services. In many cases the public actually prefer a guard to operate the doors and maintain a safe environment. The opposite is to have the driver responsible for all safety functions on board the train which does not sit well with most of the public. For a similar reason I cannot envision driverless cars seeing wide use among the public and its the same reason why the only pilotless aircraft are military drones.

Self Service checkouts While these are seen by many supermarkets as a quick and easy way to pack and pay for your shopping they have not overtaken human operated tills or increased in number to an ultra large degree. Having someone at the till to ask how your day is still is appealing to a sizeable number of the general public.

Voting Not every country has or wished to use electronic voting machines. The friendly face at the polling station appears to be the preferred option for many countries and their voting public.

Smart watches are something that never really took off to their predicted levels. Many major players in the cellphone industry marketed their own smart watch products. They were even promoted by the cellular game Pokémon Go. To this day the “calling” for smart watches is lower than forecast.

This will be an interesting time where some forms of technology will be used en-masse by the public and others may have a rise and fall, while some might not even “take off” in the first place.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable