A grand community spirit against terroism

In the later hours of Monday the 22nd of May the Manchester Arena was the latest in a long list of terror attacks that have become noticeably more commonplace since 9/11. For many the fact that this was at a time when many children and teenagers were in attendance makes the situation harder to accept. While I’m looking to propose way in which the communities can act to prevent this as best as possible I do not wish to take away from the many who lost a loved one or those who are injured as a result of Mondays incident, I wish those who are passed rest in peace and send my wishes to the families.

While I do not believe anyone should be subject to the atrocities of terrorist actions I do believe there are ways where society at large could play a better role in preventing future incidents.

Politics and political figures Many countries have politicians, political figures who fan the flames of divisionism. One that is the most obvious example at the moment is America’s Donald Trump. He has said things that has likely alienated Mexicans and Muslims in and amongst other groups. Some political figures equate “tough talking” with divisionism and this can incite those who might be unstable and slip into the terrorist mindset.

Extreme Far Right groups There are a lot of far right groups out there who openly act divisively while trying to claim they do not. Key examples are Britain First, the English Defence League and the Ku Klux Klan which is still active in the States and never ceased to exist. These groups have been known to storm into restaurants and Mosques and some countries still have groups that promote “racial purity”.

The wars Anyone concerned with terrorism and stopping it becoming commonplace should be campaigning to stop the military conflicts in the Middle East. Many who are nothing to do with terrorism can wake up to find their accommodation blown up or their family members dead after an air raid has occurred overnight. This anger can create new terrorists. The military conflicts therefore must preferably cease.

Report anyone you know who has ideations of committing terrorist acts. Dont think it’s nothing. It may sound like nothing at the time but what might have sounded “slightly strange, but nothing to worry about” might actually be the first steps to committing an act. If you have even the slightest suspicion then get in contact with your local police of security service.

Get (enter nationality here) or get out Something that deserves a mention is the notion of forcing those who are not from the culture of your nation to assimilate or effectively feel unwelcome. This concept crosses borders but can easily create divisionism. A similar saying is you are in our country, speak our language. Both of these phrases seek to divide unnecessarily.

We are all human and while we all have and should celebrate our differences, divisionist policies can hurt us and the fabric of society itself if allowed to flourish unchecked. The way to take a stand against terrorism is to act united with your fellow citizens to stamp out divisionism and create a true unity.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

How to think less about Politics

Many of us have gone over the top when it comes to politics, on a myriad if issues on both the left, right and centre of the spectrum. It’s understandable on an evolutionary standpoint as in the early days it’s rumoured that politics could have meant life or death for some people or living in squalor. Luckily in the 20th century things have moved on immensely from those times but it’s still possible to get entirely carried away with politics.

There are a number of reasons why you might get carried away with political issues and ways to prevent it should you desire not to

Stick to the issues most important to you Sure, you have a ton of issues you care about. However maybe sticking to a small handful (or less if you can manage) is a means to keep your political vent time on the down low.

Stop hiding from your demons or figure out what they are so you then have a chance of understanding the problem. I have sounded off over political issues when they touched a nerve too close to home more than once. An ability to understand what it is in your life that’s triggering these feelings will be of greater assistance to you then “sounding off” in many cases.

Realise you can’t change everything both directly and indirectly. There are a whole ton of political issues out there and yes its possible that you can change some of them by protesting, petitioning and showing populist support on social media. However there really are some you stand little to no chance of making any changes to. Knowing when to quit and save your energy will mean your more relaxed for what you wish to do and those issues that are closer to your heart.

Have some hobbies take up what you’ve always been wishing to do or discover something new. Many of us use politics as a cover for when were entirely bored and have nothing better to do with life. Often times it covers social media and the news so there is an almost endless stream of it for those who crave it. If you find yourself caught in this trap and don’t wish to be then it’s the time to take up old hobbies, or discover something new that you never would have thought you’d like.

I do think in some situations it’s advisable to take a hard stance politically and to walk away from every issue politically is not the greatest action if you wish for your voice to be heard, however I also think that endless political debates that can turn into full-blown arguments can turn counterproductive pretty quickly and gain you a bad reputation.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

Alternative indoor activities – Dancing

If you prefer the active life and like to be “actively doing” even when you are intending to have lots of fun then Dancing and Dance routines coud be something to consider if too much television is not your gig.

Discover new music Well since you know Single Ladies by Beyonce off by heart then why not see what else is out there. Theres bound to be a whole ton of stuff just asking to be discovered and now you’ve got an excuse to see what’s out there.

Have a way of embracing international music If you are a language learner or someone who is keeping their linguistic skills up to date then its a no fuss way of embracing music from other shores and keeping up to date with “what’s just hit the Argentine chart at number 1”.

Depending on your preference this can be coupled with singing.

Doesn’t require other people for you to enjoy it Sure it’s often nice to share your activities with others but this is one of those activities that can be enjoyed solo if you are rained out and truly can’t get to your mates house at all. It can also be enjoyed in the company of others for example Zumba etc.

Zumba Is usually a group activity where a mild exercise/dance routine is shared among the participants while some high tempo music is being played in the background. It’s popular among many age groups and provides relatively easily accessible means of sharing both exercise and dance in the company of others.

Exercise routines Some are looking for a more full on exercise regimen, usually with the aid of an experienced physical trainer. These regimens can and usually are enjoyed in the presence of music to get and keep the participants in the mood.

Cultured Music and Dances Love Salsa, Flamenco and other cultured dancing styles that are a hit in the ballroom? Many clubs and classes that teach these styles are out there and they can be a great way to meet new people and “feel” another culture by practising it.

Help with sense of self Even if done in your own privacy dancing can be a nice carefree way to embrace yourself and feel at one with yourself.  It’s a way of expressing yourself in a westernised culture that appears to care only about productivity. The ability to do something for the sheer fact it helps you to feel whole and enlivened. We can show our spirit and our heart through dance. This can build confidence in other areas.

Release of good vibes If you do any form of dancing for even half an hour the chemicals it will release into your bloodstream will help to raise your mood and spirits and can also wake you up if you are feeling a little tired to a more enlivened state.

Keep Dancing!

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable

Legitimate reasons not to enjoy Christmas

20151214_1759040On the whole I’m not too mad for Christmas. I am part of the silent but existent minority. I am not here to promote a killjoy attitude but am here to provide awareness as to why someone may have legitimate reasons as to why they might not entirely enjoy the celebration.

So here are the reasons why someone in your life just ain’t feelin’ the vibe

Falseness Ok so some of what goes on during these celebrations is false and “put on”. Typical things could fall into this category are wooly jumpers and some of the more cheesy songs. Which is fine if that’s what you’re cool with. Some of us aren’t so into false charades. I’m not saying falseness is “wrong” but I am saying it’s not for everyone.

Grown out of it Some of us leave childhood and the teenage years and leave our passion for all things X-mas along with it. For some of us the magic just never really comes back once you “no longer believe in Santa”.

The way it never ends Or at least it can feel that way. I am told of a time when outside of the month of December the celebration was almost never mentioned and it was even considered bad luck to put up decorations early. For some of us the sheer bombardment can be nauseating.

It feels far too commercial Back in the day it was about sharing time with those you cared about, and even some goodwill. These days while those qualities can still be found the scene has changed to which it has sadly become about who is buying what, for who? I’ve seen people spend silly amounts of money, sometimes money they don’t even have over Christmas. The worst one is how this mentality has made people over interested in gifts. Every time someone asks me “what did you get for Christmas” a small part of my soul dies inside.

Might be of no or differing religion There are people who are not Christians or Catholics who have no reason to celebrate it. Also many atheists and agnostics may have no particular drive to “jump onboard” with such festivities any time soon.

Dislike that the day must be “perfect” Ok so this one largely depends on who you are sharing Christmas with. Some can feel an overwhelming sense of pressure for “everything to go right” and for the day to run impeccably perfect. Such stress can hurt these people’s chances of having an otherwise potentially enjoyable day.

May have family or personal issues Not everyone has a loving family or even a group of friends to share christmas with*. Some people have personal issues that Christmas can bring to the forefront. These people are likely to have a nuanced relationship with the celebration

*not everyone want’s to celebrate it with someone else

Charity and goodwill should happen all year round So while I can at least appreciate intention of “goodwill to all” and acts of charity I do believe the  whole year is a fantastic time to share one’s goodwill and charitable acts.

It’s not all bad though. I don’t mind someone saying Merry Christmas to me if it’s a genuine act. I can appreciate Christmas is their thing and return the comment. I also can appreciate well organised decorations from the perspective of the fact that someones taken the time to “make the area look nice”.

So we non Christmas lovers can enjoy the day and elements of the celebrations, but if you must go overboard please don’t drag us in with you.

Samantha Eaton

La Reina Razonable